Rocker cover gasket
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Author:  Barivlas [ Sun Jan 29, 2017 11:14 am ]
Post subject:  Rocker cover gasket

Hi all and GTtoo -

I am chasing a gasket for my GT to fix a bad oil leak - old one has distorted and moved and is a mess.
Auto Surplus in Mitcham have 2 made from cork, but seem to bee very thick at about 5-6mm and also a tad expensive ($45 !!!!).
Glenn gave me a link to GTtoo from a couple of years ago and his work in cutting some new ones from cork. The question is - are any still available?????

The alternative is to buy a sheet of neoprene rubberised cork and cut a couple for me and for whoever else may need them. This sheet is more like the gasket I have - more rubber than cork and about 3mm thick. It came from a complete engine gasket set many years ago. Size of the sheet from Auto Surplus is about 1200mm x 650mm and priced at $80. This would work out to about $10 per gasket, which is a much better alternative if there is a need for more gaskets.

Cheers, Barrie.

Author:  Teditor [ Mon Jan 30, 2017 12:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Rocker cover gasket

I purchased one from Auto Surplus, if you do go ahead with making or getting them made, I'm in for it, the thickness of the Auto Surplus to my memory is correct as they cover all models (this is going from very old recollections mind you)

Ted (Teditor) Freeman

Author:  Stickman [ Mon Jan 30, 2017 8:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Rocker cover gasket

I have a couple of Spare unused ones Barrie if you want one.
Just send me a PM with your address details and I send you one

Author:  Barivlas [ Tue Jan 31, 2017 10:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Rocker cover gasket

What is the thickness of the gaskets you have?? And are they mainly cork like what GTtoo had or a more rubberised cork material?

Author:  Stickman [ Wed Feb 01, 2017 6:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Rocker cover gasket

Mine are original NOS so probably natural cork I would think and they are about 5 or 6mm thick.

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